Personal Wellness

Health Assessment


Lose Weight
Herbal formulations help nature

Alkaline Water
Helps to remove the cause of all disease from the body

Vital Cell
Overall stimulation of the body and its process

Acidophilus Alkalizer
Replace necessary natural bacteria

Be Happy - Be Silly
Relax, learn to laugh and dance like no one was looking

You're Never Too Old
to need natural health supplements

Relax With Good
thoughts & Vital Balance Tea

Pamper Yourself Often
remember you are special

Drink Lots of Pure Water
it helps with weight loss and well being

Exercise With Fresh Air & Sunshine
Pick a place where it is fun if you can

Take Time Out To Enjoy Life & Nature
Your own garden, a walk on the beach or a park

Relax, Have Fun
Do your favorite thing in your favorite place

Good Choices
Replace junk food with natural

Eat Healthy
Eat natural, organic or home-grown, home-made foods

Take Charge of Your Life and Your Health
Choose to relax, exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest, pamper yourself

Drink Natural Juices
Replace sugar drinks with natural fruit drinks and Alkaline Water

Vital Balance Recipe Books
Healthy, tasty recipes for all meals including desserts!

Dream and Plan Big
With good health the sky is the limit!

Be True To Yourself
Be who you were created to be, experience life at its fullest with good health

Buy A New Scarf
A new top or jewelry, celebrate your life, remember you are special and beautiful

Smile All The Time
It is contagious, others can't help smiling too and it may be just what they need

Let The Little Girl In You Come Alive
Don't take life too seriously, be happy as a child, explore, wonder and discover

You Are Beautiful, You Are Loved ~ Live It
Celebrate your life, fly a kite, try something new. If your life is getting you down, maybe you just need a health check

Plant Some Flowers
You can have a beautiful garden in the smallest spot

Age Has No Barriers
Don't "think" yourself old, know you are beautiful, vibrant, healthy and worthy

Treasure Your Girl Friends
They are priceless gifts, rare and precious women who share your life

Mediate Stress Away
Spend a few minutes each day meditating on the good things you have and stress will flee!

Never, Ever Stop Believing and Dreaming
Like a child hold onto your dreams, hopes and visions. Let no one rob you of your desires

Water Is Life
Do You Know What
You Are Drinking?

Learn the importance of water
Find how to change what you are drinking now!
Make a difference in the quality of your life!

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Welcome to
Vital Balance Health for Women

The VITAL BALANCE PROCESS is a system of Natural Medicine specializing in health assessment, the elimination of health complaints and sickness, the prevention of disease, and a range of other health related services. Unlike Western Medicine which concentrates primarily on the treatment of disease, the VITAL BALANCE PROCESS focuses on the attainment and maintenance of optimum health through different natural methods.

Spirit, Mind, Body, balance is very important but I throw emotion in there because that’s very, very important to each way of life to all of us. At my seminars you will hear me say many, many times that there is only one emotion that we should have and that’s total bliss. Total love of self and loving everything around us, loving the people we meet without exception.

It is up to us to look after our body. We weren't born with a set of rules, an owners manual, so we are all searching for correct truths. I have spent 30 years in practice at learning the rules. Before I became a Natural Therapist I was in a field of science where there was no mention of vitamins and minerals or the need for those things. I was in research on fertilisers that would help food to be golden, crunchy, crackly and tasty. No one ever mentioned nutrition and therefore it was not an item. So when I became a Natural Therapist it was very, very important to me that people learned how very important it was to be able to supplement their body with the vitamin intake that we weren’t getting from our food.

I want to make sure that everybody does know that we eat the food of the earth from the vegetable kingdom as the animals, the fish and the birds do. All creatures need the same nutrients that I'm talking about to regenerate their body. Food from the vegetable kingdom is referred to as being ‘biogenetic’, that means life regenerated. Food from dead animals even though they might be fish and birds is ‘biostatic’. That means life supporting but it doesn’t necessarily regenerate you. It keeps you alive but it doesn’t encourage the cells of your body to regenerate. ‘Biocidic’ of course, is where most of our food chain is today.

Most people do not understand the term 'mental stress.' Most people confuse mental stress with emotional stress. We believe that with practice and support, people can learn quickly to control the stress associated with negative emotions.

Stress is a condition in the body manifested by the accumulation of, and lack of elimination of, unused adrenalin. Adrenalin caused by the inter-relationship with people, places and things, physically, emotionally and mentally, has to be used up within 11/2 to 2 minutes, through FIGHT or FLIGHT. If there is no activity within that given time, then the adrenalin in the bloodstream is stored by the plasma proteins in body tissue in areas of genetic weakness, eg. bowel, muscle, lungs and stomach etc.

You can learn about the Book of Unresolved Issues and how to stop stress from ruining your health with my book, Lifestyle Program offered below.

Mental stress is the accumulation of, and the lack of elimination of unresolved issues that the body, mind, spirit paradigm deems to be unreasonable. The first rule of psychology and psychiatry is to externalise that which is on our mind which is unresolved and unsavoury.

Another problem common in women is Candida or yeast infection. As many as 99% of all people have some form of Candida, but in some cases it hasn't been prolific. In most people it is. A quick question to ask "Have you eaten yeasty bread?" or "Have you eaten grain fed, fast grown chicken or beef?" "Have you taken excess antibiotics?" The Candida Albicans is a fungus, which manifests in the Intestinal Tracts and the major contributing factors are often the sugars and yeasts in our foods. Another major factor with a lot of influence is stress placed on many of our "day to day" lives. Find out more about Candida and what you can do to rid your body of it in the Lifestyle Program found below.

Even the water we drink can contribute to bad health. Alkaline Water penetrates body tissues bringing life-giving oxygen and minerals. Cancer is destroyed by oxygen. Early the last century at least one doctor cured his patients of cancer by giving them Potash (potassium). Modern research indicates precancerous cells do not become cancerous in the presence of calcium. Alkaline mineral salts neutralise poisonous acids while releasing oxygen as part of the reaction. Find out more about Alkaline Water in the Lifestyle Program.

Vital Balance offers a full line of products designed to give your body what it needs in combination with a proper diet, alkaline water, exercise and stress management to be well. Find answers to your health questions; get Vital Balance Eating programs (Fast Track, Slow Track and Long Term); a power smoothie recipe for essential amino acids and the ingredients to kill Candida; information about Alkaline water; how and why to use Flaxseed oil; Daily Stress Control; 23 symptoms of Candida and more in the Lifestyle Program book. Learn how to get this valuable information on how to obtain good health for FREE for a limited time only.

"In my life's work I have learned much about the human mind, body and spirit, how they operate and how to return them to health when they dysfunction or stray from balance. It is my wish to help others with my knowledge but not just to take away their pain for one day in exchange for money, I want to teach them that they don't have to be enslaved by those who would imprison them in ignorance."

Take a look at these videos with Brian Morley discussing some of the top health problems faced today.

Discussion of Candida, giving you an idea of how the seriousness of the
fungual growth goes beyond what we have been told in the past.

Discussion of Osteosarcoma and Osteoporosis and it's realation to
an acidic invironment verses an alkaline invironment

Discussion of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the causes
and how you can help yourself get well

Below is a list of our top products for women. Click on the BUY NOW button to go to our main website where you will learn more about them, see additional products and be able to purchase items through our secure shopping cart. Find the FREE offer for the Lifestyle Program book at the bottom of the product ads.


Why Do I Need Alkaline Water? Alkaline Water helps to remove the cause of all disease from the body All degenerative diseases are linked to acidity

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the cause of cancer. "Cancer has only one cause... ...and that is the replacement of oxygen (aerobic) respiration of the body cells by anaerobic cell restoration". "Cancer is a dark thing living in an acidic place devoid of oxygen."

Alkaline Water penetrates body tissues bringing life-giving oxygen and minerals. Cancer is destroyed by oxygen. Early the last century at least one doctor cured his patients of cancer by giving them Potash (potassium). Modern research indicates precancerous cells do not become cancerous in the presence of calcium. Alkaline mineral salts neutralise poisonous acids while releasing oxygen as part of the reaction.

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WATER PHASE BALANCER (ACID OR ALKALI) ACIDOPHILUS ALKALIZER (WPB) will replace the necessary natural bacteria, which are killed by antibiotic treatments and by animal food (chicken, pork, grain and lot fed meat) fed with antibiotics. The Alkalizer contains the entire 9 intestinal flora necessary for balance in the immune system in the entire small intestine. ACIDOPHILUS ALKALIZER (WPB) is truly an exciting product for the chronic fatigue sufferer, who should be able to dramatically increase the absorption of the nutrition from their food, thus greatly increasing their energy levels. ACIDOPHILUS ALKALIZER (WPB) may aid with reflux, heartburn and bloating.
ACIDOPHILUS ALKALIZER (WPB) is also gluten free to assist allergy sufferers, and tastes great when taken straight, chilled or in any type of fruit juice. A capful taken before each meal is best.

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CELLULAR NUTRITION Amino acids (Whey Base) Amino acids are the building blocks of the cells, and the servants of the cells. Amino acids form chains and then reassembles the amino acids into new and vital structures which link together to form thousands of unique proteins and enzymes. Amino acids are needed to produce protein structures for genes, enzymes, hormones and body fluids. They act as neuro transmitters and as precursors to neuro transmitters in the central nervous system, sending and receiving messages to the brain.
If the body is deficient in essential amino acids, protein synthesis is negatively affected and serious health conditions may ensure. There are many environmental sources that can contribute to a deficiency of amino acids. These include pollution, chemicals added to processed floods, hormones and drugs injected into meat products, agricultural pesticides, smoking and consuming sugar, alcohol and drugs.

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Assists with giving your body the ammunition to kill the Candida Albicans and give support to our Liver. This will provide the necessary help for our bodies to self regulate and maintain its purity. If the body is able to keep itself clean by way of elimination of wastes, it should be on its way to optimal health.

The CAN-LIV HERBAL FOOD POWDER is ideal for liver support during detoxification, for people who are Candidised, and while the fungus is being brought back to a controllable level and the gut flora restored. Many of the herbs in this formula have been shown to have anti-viral and anti-biotic properties that can address a wide range of viral infections, as well as the ability to increase the body's natural defense system. CAN-LIV HERBAL FOOD POWDER contains many nutrients and herbs that play vital roles in promoting and maintaining a healthy immune system and an effective immune response free of Candida Albicans. They have proven effective against colds, flu's and fevers.

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Flax oil can be substituted for other, less nutritionally valuable oils in salad, dressings, mayonnaise, smoothies, etc. It can be mixed with olive oil or butter to enhance their nutritional value. It can be mixed with skim milk protein - (baking cheese, cottage cheese, lowfat yoghurt, kefir), then sweetened with fruit, maple syrup, or Vital Nectar to provide delicious nutritious breakfast or dessert. The mixture of oil with skim protein can also be used in main dishes by adding vegetables and spices. In our Smoothie Recipe we suggest 1 dessertspoon full per smoothie. The flaxseed oil protein mixture is a versatile base for any kind of meal. Allergic to dairy? Use tofu with onions or garlic instead of skim milk protein, or you can use whey protein concentrate.

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The nutritional qualities of the GAMMA COMPLEX assist in many conditions where the CAN LIV herbs are not quite sufficient to treat the Candida symptoms. Being in a concentrated form the GAMMA COMPLEX supplies supplements to the body and in so doing delivers the necessary ammunition that the body requires to fight for itself. It will provide an ideal medium for the absorption of nutrients through the villi in the small intestine. Rice (rice husks) is a well-known antacid because being a complex carbohydrate, it ties up a large quantity of stomach acid in the digestion process and alkalizes the digestion process which as we know promotes total absorption of the nutrients from our food. The body is not able to fight off disease and as a result will degenerate if it is not able to effectively digest its nutrients. We used to say WE are what we eat, this is no longer true, it is now a case of, WE are what we digest.

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For thousands of years the Egyptians, the Indians and the Chinese have recognised the benefit of living in harmony with nature according to the philosophy of the five (5) elements. As it is in nature so it is in the human body.

VITAL LIFT provides all the food necessary for boosting all the major organ channel systems of the body. These systems nourish each other in their nourishing cycle, and control one another in their controlling cycle. They were created in your body to work in “synergy”, which means that the benefit to you is far greater than the sum total of the benefits of each of the individual five phases.

Understanding these five (5) phases will help you to recognize the way in which the body is a self- regulating, self- balancing, and self- fixing organism. You will recognise the benefit of (a) the “right input” of the seven principles of life. Including (b) the right whole foods in the right proportion, and the right combination.

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Finding it hard to get going in the morning! Finding it hard to last throughout the day without getting tired! We have the product just for you - "VITAL GO PLUS"A nutritional food grade herbal supplement to add to your whey drink or "Nutri Cel Plus" as a nourishing herbal supplement or taken on its own with water.

Vital Go Plus is a balanced blend of complex carbohydrates and protein combined with concentrated herb foods. Its combination of ingredients is highly concentrated and designed to bolster strength through better nutrition and is ideal for the energetic or sports minded person.

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Stir up some tasty, healthful ingredients and be on your way to a slim body.

Fat was never intended to be a burden to the human race. It is the result of our lifestyle being out of balance. All living creatures have the fundamental ability to store surplus food in times of plenty as fat, to be utilised in times of food shortages. The human race, in most countries, no longer experiences seasons of surplus and shortage and due to the vast excesses of fats and carbohydrates in most processed foods today, fat is accumulating at a frightening rate.

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Vital Balance SLIM AND BUILD Programme plan works in harmony with nature.

The body has a naturally programmed automatic weight gain/weight loss system. Simply put - 'if you eat more energy foods than you burn for energy you will gain weight'. It is important to understand that everyone's body metabolism consumes fuel at vastly different rates. This accounts for some people eating little, yet gaining weight, while others can eat a lot and remain trim and slim. One of the keys to this exclusive programme is the actual identification of your body's metabolism (CCL) Critical Carbohydrates Level.

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Vital Balance Herbal Teas

Vital Balance teas are specially blended to give you a variety of taste and healthful ingredients for relaxing, calming, cleansing and invigorating your spirit and body. Blends of black tea, green tea and herbs, the basis for our formulas, date back nearly 5000 years in Chinese history.

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